Genuine CBD Gummy Squares

Full-Spectrum CBD. Engineered for those who demand the best.
Features all of the incredible benefits of CBD packed into a fruity, tasty, chewy treat. Made fresh to order and small-batched in an artisanal bakery, our CBD gummy squares will feature a unique texture and consistency. Choose from 15MG, 25MG, and 45MG gummy square strengths with NEW 90MG squares for the highest dosed CBD gummy on the market. Each square is created in a GMP certified facility with state of the art CO2 extraction, and third-party tested to offer you with the most pure CBD treat that nature has to offer. We are even Kosher certified. All because we care for authenticity and potency. With mouth-watering flavors like blue raspberry, lemon tart, and wild berry. 

Genuine CBD Oils

Our best-selling Genuine CBD oils are the cornerstone of what we offer. Pristinely grown in the sun-rich Scandinavian country side, our seed-to-shelf CBD extracts are the epitome of quality. Crafted with your choice of either a full spectrum or broad spectrum THC-free extract, you’ll have access to the full range of cannabinoids present in the natural hemp plant: CBD, CBG, CBC, and other whole-plant, therapeutic compounds. Our CBD oil strengths range from 500-12,000MG and come in 3 flavors: cinnamon, natural hemp, and citrus. Each Genuine CBD hemp oil has been third-party lab tested and hand-created in a GMP & Kosher certified facility. 

Sense of calm focus, Mental & physical well-being, Healthy joint mobility, Normal inflammatory  response and a Healthy sleep cycle.

The Genuine Difference

No greenhouses. No GMOs. Just pure, all-natural, full-spectrum hemp. Grown exclusively outdoors, our hemp plants sprout from nutrient-rich Scandinavian soil in the Danish countryside. We offer a whole-plant product, which includes the over 100 different strains of healing properties that are not typically present in generic CBD products. Why choose one strain when you can have them all? Genuine CBD features potent and powerful products to provide wellness that you can feel from the inside-out.


Feel and Live Genuine

Authentic and Purposeful

Genuine's Five Step Process includes: [Step 1] Our hemp is cultivated from the Danish country side. Denmark is one of the happiest countries on earth and the rich landscape and purity of the lush countryside permeates our products with unrivaled goodness. [Step 2]  Our hemp is organically grown in soil free of heavy metals and harmful pesticides. We harvest the crops at peak blossom using state-of-the-art farming techniques before gently storing them in a cool, dry space. Once our crops have been dried over a two month period, we granulate the whole plant to keep hemp's rich variety of health benefits intact. [Step 3] Our pellets with CBD enriched hemp are packaged and shipped abroad to our manufacturing facility in Southern California where our dedicated team gets to work.  At HQ, our team gears up for one of the most integral parts of our process: extraction. [Step 4] CO2 extraction uses CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), compresses to a critical point (90 degrees Fahrenheit). If you recognize this chemical abbreviation, it's because we actually breathe CO2 out of our very own lungs. [Step 5] As a final quality assurance measure, our extracts are examined by a 3rd party lab for proof of purity. And unlike other brands, we are proud of being Kosher Certified.

We love to go to all these lengths because we LOVE our customers to feel and live GENUINE.

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