Our Eureka Moment

Our eureka moment came five years ago while drinking coffee with some friends that are doctors and believe in nutritional wellness. We chatted about way more things from a biological perspective than what’s found online. We wondered is there a way to bring together awesome coffee with nutritional supplements. We thought, why not combine them?

It was NOT as easy as that, as we soon found out.

Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks in the world. The taste and complexities of the beans, origin, farm, soil, weather are just the beginning to create unique, signature coffees. A coffee plant’s DNA (the variety) has a major effect on the characteristics of the coffee it produces. Even the ph of the water and temperature used for brewing matters.

When you blend single-origin coffees together, you can tailor the cup to precisely match your preferences by choosing coffees that complement and enhance each other. And now, the craft roasting revolution is bringing artisinal roasters to the forefront.

Yes. It's a complex subject.

Add to that nutritional supplements and all its complexities. Even though it's becoming part of everyone's lives, knowing the effects and sourcing from a clinical standpoint is crucial. Sourcing from the finest US labs that have manufacturing, certifications and safety methodologies in place is paramount. This is where many others cut corners because of the high costs.

Not us. We only work with labs that have the highest standards in the industry as well that manufacture clinically proven, patented ingredients.

But it's not as simple as just combining these two - coffee and nutraceuticals. It takes understanding the interactions, the taste and dosages.

At GENUINE, we crafted a proprietary organic coffee blend with clinically proven nutritional ingredients per pod. This was a long, hard process that took five years to get here and super hard to recreate.

Our purpose is to create a meaningful, absolutely delicious and nutritious coffee blend that you can feel the difference. 


Feel and Live Genuine

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We're here to create absolutely delicious and nutritious coffee and tea blends that people can feel the difference and have meaningful impact in their lives.

We love our customers to feel and live GENUINE.

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